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This publication forms part of the ICOMOS Heritage at Risk series. Underwater Cultural Heritage at Risk demonstrates the application of the principles of the 2001 UNESCO Convention for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.

With over 30 authors,the book canvasses a wide range of underwater cultural heritage sites from around the world. These include shipwrecks, fish traps and inundated offshore deposits in Asia, South America, the Pacific, North America, South Africa and Europe. The environments in which they are set range from tidal zones to the extreme depths of international oceanic waters.

In this book, heritage managers from government and private organisations share a wealth of experience in managing natural and human threats to these sites. Examples of natural threats include coping with the effects of marine borers, current and surge as well as metal corrosion. Risks arising from human activities are also addressed. These include direct impacts (such as those related to diving on wrecks as well as commercial salvage) and indirect impacts associated with development projects (including construction of harbour facilities and dredging programs). The solutions are varied, imaginative and effective.They highlight the real opportunities that exist for governments and organisations faced with similar challenges and make this publicationan invaluable reference work.

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